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The Building Estimator's Reference Book 32ⁿᵈ Edition

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Walker’s Building Estimator’s Reference Book is the single most important resource you can own. It gives you the tools you need to work up your own costs per job. With Walker’s, you get material quantities and labor productivity for your job based on your job conditions – that’s the kind of flexibility and reliability no computer program or unit price catalog can provide. For accurate building costs, turn to the source that construction professionals have relied on since 1915.

Our 32nd Edition has been reformatted to a more convenient 8 ½” x 11” size with thicker pages to reduce bleed-through when highlighting there have also been some minor updates and revisions. This is the most comprehensive, widely used publication of its kind. The combination of quantities of labor and material with supportive reference data enables the estimator to accurately determine variable components of unit costs. This book consolidates reference material from the supply side of the industry and displays hundreds of pages of charts, tables, drawings, and unit cost tables in appropriate sections. This reduces the user’s need to search multiple sources thus saving substantial time and analysis in the estimating process. For contractors, appraisers, adjusters, architects, engineers, home craftsmen, colleges, universities, and technical schools. Walker’s Building Estimator’s Reference Book includes construction methods, material quantities, labor costs, labor productivity, reference tables, charts, and diagrams.

  • General Requirements
  • Construction Techniques & Methods
  • Material Quantities Required
  • Types of Material
  • Man hours/Productivity Rates
  • Application Rates
  • Metric Equivalents
  • Updated Wage Rates
  • Consolidates Multiple Sources
  • CSI Division Format

ISBN 9780911592320